Number Two


I cannot believe Shonda Rhimes wrote Reid and Percy off the show! Apart from Reid and Percy, Alex Karev, Derek Shepherd and Owen Hunt got shot by a gunman walking around the hospital for the whole two episodes of the season finale.

In a previous season, Shepherd made a decision to pull a woman off life support due to permanent brain damage. Her husband didn’t want him to, but he did it because it was the patient’s wish, and the husband (Mr. Clark) came back armed with lawyers to sue to hospital and Derek Shepherd.

That doesn’t go so well for him so he comes back to the hospital with a gun on what I would most definitely call a surgeon hunt. 

"Are you a surgeon?"



That’s how it went, anyway.

So anyway, here is my favourite part of the show.

Cristina Yang ROCKS my SOCKS. She operates on Dr. Shepherd and for probably the first time since Burke, kicks serious cardio ass.

Anybody reading, please go watch it. Here.’s_Anatomy/_watchlinkviewer/42047

Number One

This must be the 4th blog that I’ve started. Every one of my blogs start out with a debut post promising that I will be a committed blogger this time. 

I told myself I would publish one post a day.

Obviously, though, that never happened, or I would be writing in that one. 

I actually got a new email address to create this blog, because told me I already had a blog with all my email addresses but I couldn’t be bothered to figure out the login details.

Just. Kidding. Please don’t go away.

So I moved to Perth, Western Australia a few months ago.  

I’d been here once earlier last year to visit Samosa because there was a short break at University and he’d come home to visit his parentals and invited me along. I thought it was a nice place and appreciated the cold, miserable and relentless rain. He also had a car then, so he took me on many scenic drives.

Drive he did but he forgot to show me the city center, because of which I had a completely skewed impression of Perth. Human-wise, I saw affluent Caucasian Australians - and, silly me, I failed to realize that (surprise surprise!) actually didn’t make up the Perth population!

So now that I’m living in Perth CBD…
1. I live right next to a high rise car park right in the middle of the city, so car alarms going off at 2am is nothing out of the ordinary..

…neither is the sound of somebody puking in the alleyway below after a night of hard partying.

2. There was pink vomit on the step in front of the front door of our apartment building on Monday morning last week.

3. It seems like the minute I light up a cigarette, somebody comes up to me and asks me for one.

4. 9am is no longer the cut off point for shop and restaurant opening times. If you feel like a hot and sour soup from a Chinese restaurant, or a ginger ale, or you need toilet paper at 3am, you can walk to Chinatown or down to the convenience store!

5. To me, it seems like the coffee is better in the city.

6. Public transport is literally across the road. No need to walk row after windy row of large, cookie cutter houses and McMansions and deserted parks to get to the nearest bus stop.

7. The city is busy, noisy, smelly and convenient, instead of clean, quiet, pleasant and very inconvenient. 

I think I might actually prefer the city.